• Installation

      We install all types of custom, semi-custom, and standard glass systems. We fabricate glass, wood, and metal components to work with each other, and for our customers. Installations from Antique Mirrors, to frameless glass awning systems, to structural glass systems.

    • Project Management

      Managing Glass Projects is easy for us.   Whether you are a contractor looking to complete a condo project in a timely fashion or a homeowner building a new home, we got you covered.   We can help you find cost effective project pricing and manage highly detailed project.

    • Design

      We design with functionally in mind, because functionality is beauty. We design correct size glass doors and handle heights to match the existing structure, which intern gives a great sightline. Strength and beauty play a big role in our designs.

    • Shop Drawings

      These drawings are produced in-house, in order to show the customer the look of the glass system and design, prior to installation or construction. These drawings can help the homeowners have a better visual of the finished project, and at the same time show the builder some very important factors involving the build.

    • Consultations

      Please ask us before you build. We can help you and your builder construct areas properly. Architects drawings are not always the best go off of when concerning custom glass systems. There are a lot of factors that come into play…building codes, blocking, pitch, slope…so If we can help a little at the beginning, it will save you a lot in the end.

    • Repair / Refinish

      Refinish spotting glass, stained glass, marble, travertine, by polishing the surface oxidation out, to look like new.   After the refinishing is complete we apply glass sealer or stone sealer or stainless steel sealer or protect the finish. Repair glass is easy for us. We can repair many glass systems form sneeze guards to door closers.

    • Inspections

      We can inspect the glass work, new and old, to make sure it or was is properly installed.   We will pre inspect the area to make sure all is ready to accept the glass system.   We can inspect the substrate and finishing work to make sure the trades before us did work properly.

    • Commercial Construction

      We can produce quality at a cost effective rate. We do this through years of experience, a cost effective design, and the power of buying wholesale in bulk. We have efficiency down to a science, by taking advantage of certain computer programs and applications that make our lives easier.