Hospitality Decor, Storefront, Mall Front, glass railing, Pool Screen/ Fence, Sealers, Shower Enc., Mirrors, Barn Doors, Partition Walls, Architectural Glass And Metal, Repair Services

Photos to include/Commercial products….Framed glass storefront, Architectural Glass Awning, Glass Railing, Office partition wall, Frameless Mall front, Glass doors, Repair services (hotel shower refinish caulk and seal), Glass Restoration and Repair, Hospitality Décor, sneeze guards, standoffs, Glass Surface Sealer, Shower doors, Mirror walls, Product/keywords. Impact, Insulated windows and doors,

Benefits Easy management to deal with, very accommodating and understanding. We understand building lasting relationships is very important.

Features Residential quality work in a Commercial environment

Value Built to last. Built to Code, No shortcuts!

Advantages We care about the end users and the people responsible to deliver to the end user

Experience We have over 65 y experience. Open since Feb 2006, we have completed over 5,000 projects. We have a vast amount of quality experience. Working throughout the greater bay Area. With products such as storefront, mall fronts, shower enclosures, Mirrors, barn doors, Glass fences, Glass railing, Glass Partition Walls, and more. We handle large jobs with ease; always end up waiting on the other subs to finish their work. We know completing work on time and before scheduled time means money for us and our customers, so we can get in and get out, in the allotted time, keeping specifications and details in mind. “One Shot One Kill” is how we roll.

Buying Power We can get any glass type material in the world Note: use a bar chart here to show our buying power 95% tempered, glass 95%custom shape glass, 85% patterned glass, 85% Mirrors, 90% enclosure hardware, 45%Hospiality, 45%sealers, 60%Storefornt, Architectural hardware 65%, Sliding Glass 65%, barn doors $60 We have great buying power and can produce low cost for your project, try us.

Project Mgt. All project we are involved in are assigned a project manager. Our project managers will use all of our the tools, hard and soft to make the project runs as efficiently as possible. Our project managers main mission is to accomplish the greatest return for us and the contractor through efficiency.

Scheduling We use electronic scheduling, which updates continually throughout the day on all our devices, hand held and desktop, to ensure all of our employees have the most current information.

List of Suppliers- CRL, Oldcastle, Kawneer, US Aluminum

List of Products Impact Glass, Bullet Proof Acrlyic, Impact Glass, Patch fittings,

Contact CEO Derek Staton 813-990-9802

Email Plans attach your plans here to get a quote on your upcoming project, Plans go to our Commercial estimator Frank Mora 813-990-9590

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