Warranty Information

Warranty Info- We warranty our workmanship for 1 year, all hardware for 3 years (residential) and 1yr (commercial). Glass Note-The surface of glass can and will hold contaminates if the surface is not sealed and maintained. (Basically the glass has an open molecule that likes to bond to many things, biomass, talc in soap, the elements in hard water, etc..) If the surface of the glass is sealed with the correct sealer, the surface will not allow any contaminants in. therefore the surface of the glass will be completely slick and the original open molecule will be closed by this carbon hard sealer and intern the glass cannot be etched and will not corrode. “Warranty” is a powerful word, however it can make a company look bad if it is not based on the science and backed 100% by the manufacture. Our customers just want the truth and the truth is, that they will still have to periodically maintain their treated glass by cleaning it with the Diamond Blue Wash and a Microfiber Cloth. Armed with the truth, science and the history of the Diamond Seal Systems technologies our customers stay happy and have clear, clean glass for years to come.